Books & Resources

YOGA NOTES, By Eva-Lotta Lamm – This wonderful book gives you the opportunity to stretch your CREATIVE muscles while growing your understanding of poses. This is great for yoga teachers, students, or really anyone who wants to learn to draw some cute & informative stick figures. I refer to this book almost every time I sequence for my classes — I LOVE it!

You can also follow Yoga Notes on social media to add some yoga-related learning & fun drawing in your life.

Every Woman’s Guide to Foot Pain, by Katy Bowman – This is a great resource if you struggle with foot pain, issues like bunions or hammer toe, or even if you just want to learn more about how your feet impact the rest of your body (including your posture!). This book is easy to read & even has a section of exercises at the end of the book that you can follow to improve the health of your feet! And you’ll never think about walking the same way again, especially in the snow.