Yoga Favorites

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Yoga at Home:

DOWN DOG – An online yoga service with both web & app, FREE & paid options. This is a great resource for yoga because it allows you to choose your LEVEL, SPEED, STYLE, & an AREA OF FOCUS! They have several apps: Yoga for Beginners (COMPLETELY FREE), Yoga, HIIT, Barre, 7 Minute, & Prenatal Yoga. I personally use the Yoga & HIIT apps regularly (these apps have a free trial & then a subscription is necessary to continue using them). I highly recommend these apps.

JENNI RAWLINGS – Are you looking to build some STRENGTH, try NEW sequences, and follow another great yogi? Jenni is a wonderful teacher who posts almost EVERY DAY on her Facebook & Instagram. She is one of my FAVORITE teachers to follow & a lot of her ideas show up in my teaching 🙂

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HEART + BONES YOGA – Brea Johnson is another yoga teacher I personally follow. Her feed is filled with JOY and SUSTAINABLE (which means every-day, good-for-your-body-long-term) movement. She is another one of my FAVORITE teachers, who informs a lot of my teaching as well.

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Yoga & Wellness Equipment

I PERSONALLY USE each of these products (unless otherwise stated, in which case I have linked a product similar to one I use in a brand I trust). Most have different color options.

Ewedoos Yoga Mat with Alignment Lines – 1/4 inch

Mats with alignment lines can be a great tool if you want to focus on your pose structure. I have this mat & enjoy it’s grip & texture. More colors are available.

TOPLUS Travel Yoga Mat – Foldable 1/16 Inch Sweat Absorbent Anti Slip

The perfect mat for HOT yoga or if you tend to sweat it out. This towel-mat combo is absorbent & gets grippier as you sweat! Don’t worry, you can even throw it in the washing machine for an easy clean. Please be aware that it does not have as much cushion as other mats. But it’s thin size makes this mat perfect for TRAVEL! I have traveled with this mat and I love how tiny it gets when folded.

Tumaz Yoga Strap – 8 ft

These straps are a little more costly than some other options, but their soft texture is worth it! These are smooth, sturdy, and come in great color options. I personally recommend the 8 foot strap. I have found that 6 foot straps can be very limiting and have not personally needed a 10 foot strap.

REEHUT 2-PC Yoga Blocks, 9″x6″x4″

A standard yoga block that marries good quality & supportive cushion, with an affordable price tag.

YOGABODY Toe Spreaders

I LOVE these toe spacers! They are easy to use & can help relieve foot pain & boost your balance. I personally use them around the house (sitting or walking around) & sometimes during my yoga practice.

ProsourceFit Acupressure Mat and Pillow

These acupressure mats are great for fascial release, muscle soreness, improving circulation, and relaxation. Lay on these for 5-20 minutes on your legs, back, or stomach and feel the blood flow begin! The sensation can be a little overwhelming at first, but these mats fit perfectly in a standard pillow case if you need a little lighter contact.

18 Inch Length – The Foam Roller

Foam rollers are great for working out knots, muscle recovery, & even fascial release. You can use these on sore areas of your back or body either rolling slowly or holding on a tender spot for 30 seconds. This is my personal favorite.

Yoga Books & Resources

Yoganotes, By Eva-Lotta Lamm

This wonderful book gives you the opportunity to stretch your CREATIVE muscles while growing your understanding of poses. This is great for yoga teachers, students, or really anyone who wants to learn to draw some cute & informative stick figures. I refer to this book almost every time I sequence for my classes — I LOVE it!

You can also follow Yoga Notes on social media to add some yoga-related learning & fun drawing in your life.