The mission of Hesed Heart is to ENCOURAGE believers, SHARE the Gospel, & PROMOTE FULL-BEING WELLNESS (4-H, body-spirit-soul) through yoga, meditation, connection, & loyal love.

Hesed Heart was founded by Audrey Grove, a twenty-something wife, cat-mom, yoga-lover, yooper, and Jesus follower who has received her YYT-200 certification through Yahweh Yoga. She currently teaches classes in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, primarily in the Houghton area.

Our goal is to help you connect with God’s HESED HEART & cultivate the same HESED love in your heart with each practice.

Every single class is:

  • Scripture-centered (expect a Bible verse & prayer)
  • Body positive (all sizes, shapes, & skill levels are welcome & will be supported!)
  • Variation-friendly (this is YOUR practice, so you are encouraged to modify at any time! Variation ideas will also be given throughout class)

4-h wellness – what we pursue

At Hesed Heart we encourage and pursue full-being, 4-H wellness:

What is 4-H wellness? It is growth & health in 4 important areas of life, all grounded in Christ:

  • head (your thoughts & knowledge)
  • heart (your emotions, your spiritual relationship)
  • hands (your physical health & your actions)
  • hesed (habitually living out loyal love for God & for others)

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