About Us

Empowering believers to live their life in FULLNESS through coaching and yoga that’s grounded in Christ.

Hesed Heart was founded in 2020 by Audrey Grove (a yooper and catmom) who has certifications in yoga & Bible knowledge. Our goal is to help you connect with God’s HESED HEART & cultivate the same HESED love yourself.

Our pillars are:

  • Scripture – God’s word is inspired and authoritative. All coaching, yoga and practices are grounded in the Bible and Biblical truth. If you feel any teaching is not lining up with God’s Word we value that insight and those conversations.

  • Christ – There is 1 God in 3 persons (the Father, Son, & Holy Spirit). People need a savior and that savior is Jesus Christ. He is alive, we are saved by grace through faith in Him, and He is at work in us and through us.

  • Love – Our purpose is to love God and love others, which we can only do by also loving ourselves. We live this steadfast, loyal, HESED love in our lives because God first loved us and called us to do the same.

  • Whole-being Wellness– We live out that love in 4 key areas: body, mind, heart, and soul (we call this 4H wellness of hands, head, heart, and hesed). Only by investing in all 4 can we be truly healthy and live our full-est lives for Christ.

  • Unique-ness – Every person is created uniquely by God, has a unique past, and is in a unique place. With this in mind, we’re not about cookie-cutter methods or “should be” shame… but customization and validation. We are body-positive, trauma-aware, and always seek to see, hear, and support you where you are with unique-to-you coaching and given variations.

Are you ready to crush discouragement & live your God-given purpose?
He has BIG plans that you don’t want to miss!
I’m ready to FLOURISH!