I’m Audrey Grove and I love Jesus, yoga, and cats (seriously, ALL the cats)

My wonderful little family includes my servant-hearted husband Micah and our two precious cats Sweeney Todd & Arwen (see them below!)

My mission is to ENCOURAGE believers, SHARE the Gospel, & PROMOTE FULL-BEING HEALTH!

You might be wondering if I know what I’m talking about (you’ve got a good head on your shoulders, I can tell haha!)

In 2020, I trained with Yahweh Yoga to receive my YTT-200 certification. I also have a Certificate of General Bible Knowledge from the Free Lutheran Bible College and a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Liberty University.

Through those experiences and many in between, I’ve grown so much… & what God has taught me, I’ve compiled into my Hesed Heart Approach which is a combination of yoga, coaching, and inner work to help Jesus-loving ladies to FLOURISH!

Through coaching, yoga, and my Weed&Seed Method I want to help other Christian women see God’s HESED HEART & cultivate the same love with each practice.

If you’d care to know more, here is my yoga story:

I started my faith-journey with Christ as a child, but I started my yoga-journey much later during college. Not having an exercise that I wanted to do regularly led me to search for something sustainable and enjoyable, as I slowly lost the strength I had acquired in my youth. Soon enough I found yoga and started a home practice that I enjoyed. Soon enough, however, I found judgement in the Christian-church-culture that denounced any and all yoga with little attempt to understand this wonderful tool.

I spent months seeking wisdom as to whether or not yoga was consistent with God’s Word and helpful to not only my physical life but my spiritual life as well. As I studied the practice of yoga (that is NOT specifically linked to a religion, but merely a METHOD to be used with any worldview) and the Scriptures, I saw how yoga could actually COMPLEMENT Biblical faith through mindfulness, prayer, and meditation.

Soon enough, I saw tangible results of my yoga practice physically, mentally, emotionally, & spiritually. Within 2 years of beginning my yoga practice, I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, which had contributed to prolonged health problems and almost-constant fatigue. During this diagnosis and heightened anxiety, I saw yoga slow my speeding thoughts (mental change), give me a time dedicated to prayer (spiritual), bring me peace through meditation on God’s Word (emotional), release my tensed muscles, strengthen my body, & bring my nervous system out of my “fight or flight” (all physical).

This study and experience gave me both head (intellectual) and heart (experiencial) knowledge that yoga is beneficial for my Christian walk and my full-being (body, mind, heart, soul) health. Now I’m on a mission to share this truth and growth with others!

I’m all about: TRUTH. WELCOMING. ENCOURAGING. And making space for everyone’s quirky, unique self (my love of cats included, haha!)

There’s a place at the table for you. And if you haven’t found it yet, let me pull your seat out for you!