Welcome to a site grounded in Christ that focuses on yoga, whole being wellness (body, spirit, and soul), and an active relationship with Scripture. And yes, yoga can be used by Christians too! I promise it doesn’t summon demons or secretly cause you to worship the sun. It won’t open your heart to evil or invite the occult to your door. Yoga is a METHODOLOGY, not a theology. That means anyone and everyone can practice it in the context of their own personal worldview.

I can’t promise that yoga will be a good fit for you, that you’ll enjoy it, or that it will be beneficial to your faith walk, and that’s okay. Yoga is not a tool for everyone, but it can be an unbelievably useful tool for many. I welcome you to find out for yourself!

For me, yoga has helped me physically (strengthening my body while teaching it to be adaptable & flexible), emotionally (it has brightened up my depression and quelled the raging seas of anxiety), mentally (it has quieted the whirring thoughts of my mind), and even spiritually (creating space to meet with God, meditate on His Word, pray, and worship Him with my body). My hope for you is to provide space and resources where you, too, can experience this kind of growth and wellness!

I hope to share my love for Christ, my love for yoga, and my love for YOU. Please don’t hesitate to use the “Contact” page to reach out with any questions, comments, recommendations, or prayer requests. I would love to hear from you!

I’m so glad you’re here!

– Audrey Grove

(YYT-200 certified)

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Currently, there are no in-person classes available due to COVID-19, but I am offering LIVE classes online via Zoom (scroll down to sign up)

Every single class is:

  • Scripture-centered (expect a Bible verse & prayer)
  • Body positive (all sizes, shapes, & skill levels are welcome & will be supported!)
  • Variation-friendly (this is YOUR practice, so you are encouraged to modify at any time! Variation ideas will also be given throughout class)

class schedule & sign up:


  • Mon, Dec 7th at 7pm EST – FREE Online Ground & Grow Yoga, 45 min
  • Thur, Dec 17th at 7pm EST – FREE Online Restorative, 45 min

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Here’s what to expect with each type of class:

  • Ground & Grow – a gentle mixture of standing & seated poses. This type of class incorporates relaxation, active movement, & balance. Poses done on the floor will also have variations that can be done from a chair.

  • Restorative – an extremely gentle class that focuses on slow, deep stretches & relaxation. This class includes only poses that are done on the ground (these will need to be done on the floor or on a bed, no chair alternatives will be given). Poses on hands & knees will also have variations that can be done from a seated position.

Already taken an online class with Hesed Heart? Click here for a SHORTENED SIGN UP.

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