Can Yoga Be Biblical?

This is the BIGGEST, most important question I receive as a yoga teacher: “As a Christian can I do yoga?”

Some people in the church are adamant that yoga can’t be glorifying to God… sometimes going so far as to say that yoga worships false gods or invites demons into your body. Unfortunately, they tend to say so with malice, anger, and, often, blatant mistruths.

I believe that this response is rooted in misunderstanding and fear. I’m not here to argue, but to educate with historical research, Biblical truth, and my own convictions to help believers move through the confusion around Christian yoga into clarity.

This isn’t to say I think every believer needs to have the same opinion on this issue or that Christian yoga is a good fit for everyone. But I do believe yoga can be a valid, helpful, and God-honoring tool for many believers.

To help minimize fear & misinformation, grow understanding, & cultivate language to respond to skepticism or criticism, I created this flow-chart. It walks through common objections to yoga & a Bible-based response.

Note: Yoga falls into the personal conviction category, so guidance from the Holy Spirit & discernment is still a must!

I pray this will be a valuable tool in your life! If you would like to chat further, reach out to me at

Because I believe in reassessing misconceptions and I want you to have the tools to do the same, you are also welcome to download this resource as a PDF completely for free!

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