yoga online

bible-based yoga without sketchy New Age influences

Designed to help you live with FULLNESS & WELLNESS in body, mind, heart, & soul

Yoga here is different because it is:

💙 Body-positive & doable

💙Available live online via Zoom

💙 ALWAYS grounded in God’s Word

And there’s a seat at the table for YOU!

You DON’T Need…
Frustrating classes or questionable worldviews

You DO need:
A teacher you can trust
A supportive, safe community
Coaching that’s grounded in God’s Word

There are 2 ways you can do yoga with me online:

Drop into a class
Join me live online via Zoom for faith-filled classes

Check out the class schedule

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A Little Background…

Hey! I’m Audrey! I’m a cat-loving, Jesus-loving, yoga-loving wife and my mission is to encourage & empower Christian ladies – which I happen to do through the modality of faith-filled yoga, coaching, & tools.

I first discovered yoga in college and went through a whole process of struggle, questioning, research, and enjoyment before finally deciding to get my teaching certification in 2019. In my own life, yoga was an exercise I actually enjoyed plus I loved the benefits it brought me emotionally with my anxiety & spiritually in my walk with God.

I worked with Yahweh Yoga in Phoenix, AZ to become YTT-200 certified so I could fill the void I saw and bring the benefits of yoga to other Christian ladies. I also have a Bachelor’s Degree in business and a certification in General Bible Knowledge – both of which I used to start my own business, Hesed Heart LLC in 2020. I’m excited to use all of this combined experience to serve you, answer your questions, & give you a unique taste of yoga grounded in Christ.

Your Asked Frequently Asked Questions

What if I already do and love Christian yoga? That’s wonderful! My classes tend to be a mix of restful and active with a slower flow. If you’re looking for a teacher you can trust, practices grounded in Christ, coaching tailored to you, regular opportunities to ask your questions and get unique-to-you answers, then this membership may be a great next step in your wellness journey!

What if I’ve never tried yoga before? That’s perfectly ok! My classes tend to be easy to follow and very accessible. Plus, I’ll be here to walk you through this journey of wellness and to answer any questions you may have.

What if I’m not flexible? No worries! I wasn’t flexible when I started either. In fact, looking back on my childhood and high school years, I would never have called myself flexible. The beautiful thing about yoga is that it helps you improve and grow no matter where you’re starting from. So if improving flexibility is something you want, yoga can help. If it isn’t a priority, yoga has so many additional benefits and I’ll teach you in a way that meets you and your body where you are.

What if I don’t have that “yoga body”? If you mean a super thin, super toned body…. I don’t either! It’s 100% ok. Yoga is for everybody and every body. Unfortunately, we don’t see this represented a lot in the media and teachers don’t always give the variations that we need. I always try to make my classes accessible & body positive, giving you the variations, ideas, and freedom to do yoga in a way that works and feels good for you right where you are. Plus, I’m always here to answer your questions and help find variations that meet your unique needs.

What if I don’t have any equipment? Honestly, you can use whatever you have (there is no pressure purchase, but I do have recommendations for you WANT to add). I do recommend having a yoga mat, but otherwise, I cue things that you can replace with items around your home: blankets/pillows, a bolster (can be replaced by pillows), a yoga strap (can be replaced by a belt or scarf), blocks (can be replaced by books), light weights (can be replaced by cans).

What kind of classes do you teach? All of my classes are Bible-based and body positive. Currently I offer restorative, slow flow, and chair yoga classes.

What if I’m not a Christian? If you enjoy my teaching and you’re ok with a lot of Jesus-talk, then you are welcome to join us! I want you to know up front that the Bible will be central to what I teach.