HESED – חֶסֶד (chesed) – Hebrew word for steadfast & loyal love, lovingkindness, or mercy.

This word is used over 250 times in the Old Testament & refers to:

people loving others: it is “loyalty that leads to action”

– people loving God: “Those in relationship with God should respond with love toward Him and others, but when they fail, He will restore that relationship”

– God’s loving us: it “protects and sustains life,” “is enduring and eternal,” & “lays a foundation for His covenental promises”

Above from The Lexham Bible Dictionary

Although we as people fail, God’s love is everlasting, faithful, & unfailing. Ultimately, God showed us this HESED love when Jesus Christ died on the cross (taking on our sins & punishment, providing salvation for those with faith in Him). His loyal, sacrificial love should cause an outflow of loyal love from believers — both in respose to God, for ourselves, & to others.

We believe yoga, coaching, and wellness tools should be ROOTED in God’s HESED love for us & PREPARING us to show HESED love to our neighbors.