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PREPEAR – This is a great website & app that allows you to add ALL YOUR FAVORITE RECIPES TO ONE PLACE! Things I love about Prepear:

  • It’s FREE (there is a paid premium option)
  • You can upload recipes directly from the web (all you have to do is copy & paste the link! SO easy!)
  • They give credit to the hard working food bloggers who create these recipes
  • You can import your own personal recipes
  • You can organize your recipes into cook books & easily search for recipes
  • You can PLAN your weekly meals & even ADD the ingredients to a GROCERY LIST in the app!

LUME – This deodorant is seriously a lifesaver! Completely natural, it’s ALUMINUM & BAKING SODA FREE, you can use it ALL over your body, it feels (& smells!) like a lotion, & IT WORKS 🙂 By far, this is my favorite product that prevents odor, not sweat! For me, it’s a must have as a teacher & I would highly recommend you try it out.

REVIVE ESSENTIAL OILS- I ADORE this company. They offer 100% theraputic grade oils at a fraction of the cost of common MLM companies (like doTERRA & YoungLiving). These oils are QUALITY (they have information available about their third party tests) & the company offers so much bang for your buck. They have free shipping on ALL orders (which is always very speedy in my experience), free returns (even after you open a bottle!), no monthly/yearly fees, outstanding customer service, & amazing options to choose from (even blends similar to your MLM favorites!). If you enjoy or want to start with essential oils, I can’t recommend this company enough!

More Health & Wellness Products:

ProsourceFit Acupressure Mat and Pillow

These acupressure mats are great for fascial release, muscle soreness, improving circulation, and relaxation. Lay on these for 5-20 minutes on your legs, back, or stomach and feel the blood flow begin! The sensation can be a little overwhelming at first, but these mats fit perfectly in a standard pillow case if you need a little lighter contact.

18 Inch Length – The Foam Roller

Foam rollers are great for working out knots, muscle recovery, & even fascial release. You can use these on sore areas of your back or body either rolling slowly or holding on a tender spot for 30 seconds. This is my personal favorite.