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No new episodes are being regularly released, but there are 100 Bible-based meditations (over 25 HOURS) available for you 🙂

For each podcast you can expect:

  • 15-20 minutes of guided meditation
  • A Scriptural focus
  • A space that cultivates CALM, QUIET, & PRAYER

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100: Death for Life (Update Included!) Hesed Heart Meditation

In today's Bible based mindful meditation, we meditate on Christ's death and resurrection in Isaiah 53:5. We look at the burden that Christ took for us, and the uneven exchange that we get in return. Thank you so much for being here for the 100th meditation! That makes almost 2 years and over 24 hours of meditating on God's Word!! With that, there are changes coming and weekly meditations will not be released here until further notice (although I may post a new meditation here and there). Please utilize this resource with 100 meditations and be sure to follow the Start With Scripture Podcast for not only Biblical Application but bonus meditation episodes as well (that should be available on this podcasting platform) — Support this podcast:
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  5. 96: Breathe Out Fear