Signing Up With PayPal

If you would prefer to pay via PayPal instead of Stripe, be prepared for $2 service fee & a few more steps. If you would like to pay the easy way, click here to sign up via Stripe or scroll down & follow all directions to pay with PayPal.

**NOTE: Although the initial set up is more complex, once you are signed up you won’t have to worry about your subscription and you’ll receive all the same features as those who sign up via Stripe.

You’ll be able to cancel any time by emailing

step 1: WordPress

  1. Create a WordPress account with a generic password (you can change this later & please do not use the “sign up with Google” option) or change your current WordPress account to a generic password. ** NOTE: I will be logging in to your account, so please use a password that is generic & you have not used elsewhere.
  2. Send me your WordPress login information (you can change this as soon as our transaction is complete, so I will not have future access to your account).
  3. I will then use your login to enter the PLUS plan via WordPress (this requires a small fee paid to Stripe, I will use a business account to pay this fee so your personal information is never entered into Stripe.)
  4. At this point, you will be subscribed to & able to access Hesed Heart PLUS content through using the WordPress account you created (unfortunately, this is the only way for you to access premium content. WordPress does not currently have a way to add members manually, they can only be added through a payment. I have reached out to WordPress to address this in future updates).
  5. Now, please update your password. Do this by visiting “PROFILE,” get there by clicking the circle in the top right corner (it will either be grey, or display your picture) – “SECURITY”“PASSWORD”

step 2: PAYPAL

Now that you are registered via my website, it’s time to set up your payment with PayPal.
**NOTE: Your first payment will include the $2 set up fee. This is a one-time fee & won’t be included in future payments.

CLICK HERE to set up your $25/month recurring payment through PayPal (you can use your PayPal account or a credit/debit card).

That’s it! You’re all signed up! Thank you for your patience & I’ll see you inside the membership 🙂