The FREE 5-Day Exploring Christian Yoga Workshop

Understand How Yoga Can Support Your Faith & Experience What It’s Like To Turn Your Workout Into Worship!
April 8th-13th

For 5-days I’ll be going live at 7 pm EST to bring you research, Biblical truth, & the answer to your burning questions.

All of this content will be happening in a special Facebook group that will combine this valuable information with an active community 🙂

What You’ll Learn In This Workshop:

✔️ What yoga is all about & why it’s different (Psst! It has to do with body, mind AND soul)

✔️ How to use discernment in your yoga practice & how yoga can be Biblically grounded in Christ.

✔️ How Christian yoga is different from other types of yoga (New Age, Hindu, even secular)

✔️ If Christian yoga is a good fit for you (you’ll even get to try one of my faith-filled classes!)

✔️ How to articulate your beliefs about faith-based yoga to your friends & family.

…I’ll be there to answer all your burning questions, address your doubts, and talk through your worries each day.

Do you want to turn your workout into worship?
Are you ready to feel confident about your Christian yoga practice in 5-days?

How Do You Know If This Workshop Is Right For You?

You fall in one of these categories:

  • You’re interested in Christian yoga, but you’re feeling doubtful that it can really coincide with your faith (maybe even thinking… that’s all New Age, Hindu, sun-god worship stuff, right?)
  • You’re interested in the physical benefits & stretching related to yoga (maybe your doctor recommended it), but you just aren’t sure exactly what it is or how it could be Biblical.
  • You love yoga (or used to) but you’ve recently felt confused or doubtful about how it can fit in with your Christian faith (& the intense articles you found on Google don’t help!)
  • You love Christian yoga, but sometimes your family or friends seems a little judge-y and you have a hard time explaining how your yoga practice and your faith really do work together.
  • You’ve worked with other yoga teachers in the past & it hasn’t been a perfect fit, so you want to learn a little more about my methodology, my beliefs, & my classes before you decide to work with me.

Whatever category you fall in, this workshop will have answers and tools that apply to you, your questions, & your situation! I’m here to help you, serve you, and teach you regardless of you level, your body type, your age, or your experience 🙂

You Don’t Need More…
Doubts, confusion, judgement, unanswered questions, or un-helpful Google searches.

You need:
Biblical truth
Time to pray & examine evidence
A chance to experience Christian yoga first hand

My Client’s Said…. Hear from others who have experienced my faith-filled classes

A Little Bit About Me…

Hey! I’m Audrey! I’m a cat-loving, Jesus-loving, yoga-loving wife and my mission is to encourage & empower Christian ladies – which I happen to do through the modality of faith-filled yoga, Scripture, & lifestyle tools.

I first discovered yoga in college and went through a whole process of struggle, questioning, research, and enjoyment before finally deciding to get my teaching certification in 2019. In my own life, yoga was an exercise I actually enjoyed plus I loved the benefits it brought me emotionally with my anxiety & spiritually in my walk with God.

I worked with Yahweh Yoga in Phoenix, AZ to become YTT-200 certified so I could fill the void I saw and bring the benefits of yoga to other Christian ladies. I also have a Bachelor’s Degree in business and a certification in General Bible Knowledge – both of which I used to start my own business, Hesed Heart LLC in 2020. I’m excited to use all of this combined experience to serve you, answer your questions, & give you a unique taste of yoga grounded in Christ.

Your Asked Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can’t make it for the live stream at 7 pm EST each day? That’s ok! Although attending live can be powerful & gives you a chance to engage, I will have replays available in the Facebook group until April 18th.

What if I already do and love Christian yoga? That’s wonderful! If you ever experience doubts or have a hard time explaining your beliefs to friends or family, this workshop will be a great fit! Plus, you’ll get a free yoga class, so why not join us?

What if I’ve never tried yoga before? That’s perfectly ok! I can’t promise that faith-filled yoga will be an activity you’ll love, but I can promise to share with you all of the potential benefits, a chance to experience it first-hand & help you decide if it’s a good fit for your lifestyle.

What if I’m not flexible? No worries! I wasn’t flexible when I started either. In fact, looking back on my childhood and high school years, I would never have called myself flexible. The beautiful thing about yoga is that it helps you improve and grow no matter where you’re starting from. So if improving flexibility is something you want, yoga can help. If it isn’t a priority, yoga has so many additional benefits and I’ll teach you in a way that meets you and your body where you are.

What if I don’t have that “yoga body”? If you mean a super thin, super toned body…. I don’t either! It’s 100% ok. Yoga is for everybody and every body. Unfortunately, we don’t see this represented a lot in the media and teachers don’t always give the variations that we need. I always try to make my classes accessible & body positive, giving you the variations, ideas, and freedom to do yoga in a way that works and feels good for you right where you are. Plus, I’m always here to answer your questions and help find variations that meet your unique needs.