PLUS Membership

A faith-based monthly membership to turn
in Christ

The Hesed Heart PLUS Monthly Membership is all about

integrating wellness into daily life through:
– faith-based yoga
– Biblical-application tools
– encouraging community

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What is wellness?

When you hear “wellness,” what do you think of? Diet & a lot of exercise?
….it’s SO MUCH MORE!

When I talk about wellness, I mean full-being, body-spirit-soul, 4-H wellness
(even in the face of life’s stress, overwhelm, or busy-ness)

4-H Wellness incorporates the health of:

  • your mind (head)
  • your emotions (heart)
  • your relationship with God (heart)
  • your body’s ability to move (hands)
  • how you love others (hesed)

Does that resonate with you?
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is this membership for you?

Ask yourself these questions about your every day life & wellness:

Do you love the Lord and:

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions,
this membership might be for you!

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what’s included with plus?

With PLUS, EVERY month you’ll get:

Expect yoga & Scripture in bite-sized pieces
(with some longer videos available in the online class library) & a community that will
help you integrate WELLNESS into your everyday life
even in the midst of stress, overwhelm, or busy-ness.

*** PLUS, for a limited time you’ll receive a special NEW YEAR BONUS***

Sound like something you need?

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plan options:

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Try the PLUS membership with a one month, non-recurring trial for only $10!
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After your month is over, you can choose to continue with PLUS, a basic membership, or cancel.

  • per month

    Only access:
  • – Online class library
  • – Premium FB group
  • – Weekly devotionals

    Student discount – send me proof that you’re a student & get $5 off each month!
Monthly PLUS
  • per month

    Access ALL PLUS features including:
  • – 2 live group calls
  • – 1 free live class
  • – 25% off live classes
  • – Online class library
  • – Premium FB group
  • – Weekly devotionals
Annual PLUS Membership
  • per year
  • (about $23/month)
  • SAVE $25 (1 month) per year!
  • Access ALL PLUS features!

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Have questions? Email me at or reach out via Facebook or Instagram. Or schedule a 20 minute phone call here.