Slowing Down

We all know the story of the tortoise and the hare. I always heard the version that the hare got cocky, taking a long break and allowing the tortoise to win.

… But what if there was another story? One where the rabbit so desperately wanted to win that he ran as fast as he could and burned out. He, the one with the great talent and passion, got so tired that he couldn’t go on anymore. And he ended up finishing last.

That’s the version of the story I see every day. In myself. In others. We run, we push, we fill our schedules to the max and we burn out before we can accomplish what we set out to do.

I have a horrible habit of taking on too much… trying to fit things into every possible second. Even with positive things (like planning a trip to Dublin in May — YAY), I tend to get worked up, anxious, and overloaded.

…But what if we slowed down? What if we had margin in our lives, time to breath, relax, and catch up. What if we learned to say “no?” If we slow down, we could be the tortoise. Accomplishing our goals (albeit a little slower than our strict expectations would like…) and maybe enjoying the process a little more, too!

What if, instead of worrying about the future, agonizing over the past, impressing others, and frantically meeting crazy expectations… we simply slow down. It may just be the answer to meeting our goals!

Personally, I want to take the time to focus on the present (not analyze the past or worry about the future), build healthy habits (taking time for self-care, exercise, and hydration), and enjoy each moment with the ones I love!

Let’s replace restlessness with mindfulness. Rushing with resting. Anxiety with peace.

Let’s be tortoises instead of hares.

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