Lazy Days

Today was not glamorous. It was one of those days when I had no motivation. I felt drained, distracted, tired.

I didn’t do my hair or put on “real” clothes). I was in slippers all day (which I LOVE by the way — you can check them out here under Love My “Cat Shoes”).

I didn’t follow my To-Do list or even shower like I was planning. I hardly drank any water (I usually try to drink at least 3-4 20oz water bottles. Today I struggled to finish one). I didn’t even dedicate time for mental rest!

I felt disconnected, unaccomplished.

The house was a MESS. The sink was full of dishes. I had homework to start. And yet… I didn’t feel like doing any of it. I allowed my mind to wander and my body to sit.

Am I proud of not doing much of anything today? No.

But will I let a rough, lazy day define my tomorrow? Absolutely not!

Somedays fatigue, distractions, leggings, slippers, messy buns, and a sink full of dishes is just my life.

Such a dirty kitchen today… but I love Arwen peeking in at the bottom of this picture!

I could dwell on my failures OR focus on my (small!) accomplishments: Even though I was tired today I cooked an easy side dish (check out my Go-To Roasted Potatoes post), did a couple of dishes, and (miraculously!) didn’t face any anxiety flares.

Did I do as much as I would have liked? No. Today I felt weak, lacking, idle. But in Christ I can show myself GRACE instead of piling on the guilt. And celebrate God’s work, His grace, and the tiny successes that were entwined in the unproductive-ness.


I choose to accept my weaknesses and lazy days like today, forgive myself for the expectations I failed to meet (easier said than done…), and try to achieve my goals tomorrow!

If you felt like this today (or any day!) it’s ok. God’s grace is never ending and tomorrow is a new day. Rest in Him and His promises.

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