In the Waiting

With COVID-19, the crazy shut-downs, & the social distancing guidelines it’s a unique time that we’re living in. For me, this season has felt like WAITING. Waiting to open a yoga studio, waiting to hear back from an online job opportunity, waiting to travel, waiting for spring, waiting to visit friends & family, etc…

My initial reaction to waiting is… IMPATIENCE. I want things to move quickly. I want to jump into the next adventure, next season, next task.

But fast-paced & action-packed is not what many of us have been given right now. (To all you who are essential workers, like delivery drivers, nurses & doctors, grocery store employees, THANK YOU for persisting through this fast-paced season to take care of the rest of us)

It can feel like nothing is happening, like we’re standing still, like we’re lost in limbo… but if we take a closer look we’ll see that God is STILL WORKING, even in the waiting!

For many of us, we have been given a time to SLOW DOWN, to REST, to REASSESS, & to RECHARGE. For me personally, God has been teaching me about connecting with Him, about me as a person, & He’s been simultaneously refreshing & motivating me during this season.

Buy truth & do not sell it;

buy wisdom, instruction, & understanding.

Proverbs 23:23 ESV

During this season of waiting, we can choose to be idle, slothful, or to waste away our time… But instead God calls us to INVEST in GROWTH (buy that wisdom & understanding with your time & energy!).

This can look different for different people on different days. Maybe you need to invest in self-care time to dedicate to your hobbies (or a little time to binge watch Netflix 😉 ). Maybe it’s organizing some spaces in your home, watching TED talks, learning a new language, doing more yoga, or spending some extra date time with your significant other. Definitely find time to connect with God & engage with Scripture in your own way.

Whatever it is, choose to be PROACTIVE with INVESTMENT IN GROWTH, rather than reactive with impatience & laziness (… goodness that’s something that God has been speaking to my heart a lot in recent days).

I, for one, am thankful for God’s work in the waiting & hope you will be too 🙂

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